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Supercritical CO2 extraction

CO2 supercritical extraction is a health-friendly high quality extraction technique. Indeed the process is performed at low temperature, and allows the obtention of highly pure active ingredients without the use of solvents.

This technique is particularly efficient to extract lipophilic substances with poor water/alcohol solubility, and is much healthier than classical extraction methods which use organic solvents (hexane in particular). Moreover low process temperatures preserve the integrity of active molecules.

The extraction cost is however much higher than with traditional extraction processes: the choice of quality (high active purity, no solvent residue), safety and performance, the "Rolls" of vegetal extraction.

NUTRIXEAL offers 3 products obtained with this high quality extraction process:

  • "Lipidactif" for the cardio-vascular system
  • "Hydravea" for skin care
  • "Vitaxanthine", a powerful antioxidant containing 4 mg of Astaxanthine for global well-being, cardio-vascular and occular health, skin care and sports.